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Hiiu brewery

THE BREWERY is open advance bookings only. For visit call +372 51 756 65 Mr. Ain Koor  info@hiiuõllekoda.ee.

Hearsays about the disappearance of Hiiumaa’s beer are by far an exaggeration. Kassari Holiday Centre has revived the local beer brewing, which originates from the knowhow of our grandfathers. The brewery combines all the past beer tricks and tips and traditions, not to mention the teachings of the neighbours and the villagers. Thus, a drink is made, which is as sly as a native of Hiiumaa with their jokes. Besides tasting, you can get an overview o the history of Hiiumaa’s beer, its traditions, and brewing in the beer house.

We do know one thing though—Hiiumaa’s beer will appeal to every beer enthusiast!

From autumn to spring, Hiiu Õlle Koda is open for larger parties and groups (min 10 persons) booked in advance.

You will find our products from web shop, Kassari shop, Hiiumaa Coop, Kivikala ja Võrk store in Kärdla. 

Also, you can enjoy our beers in WINDTOWER EXPERIENCE (Käina), Šhampanjabaar ja resto Kork (Kärdla) and Roograhu marina.

Hiiu Õlle Koda products and services are sold by Kassariotsa OÜ. Address Kassari Recreation Center, Kassari village, Hiiumaa parish 92111

Hiiu brewery
Kassari Puhkekeskus, Kassari küla, Hiiumaa vald, 92111

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